Laser Engraving VS Traditional Etched Engraving

Laser Engraving VS Traditional Etched Engraving

Anyone with a laser engraver machine will adore making their jewelry even more personal and yet many aren’t sure if this is the best route to choose. While laser engraving is very popular, so too is traditional etched engravings and they both offer something unique. However, which engraving is going to be the best to choose? Read on and find out a little more about laser and traditional etched engraving.

Materials Can Determine How Durable Engravings Are

In all honesty traditional etched engraving and laser engravings are both great options to consider in terms of durability. However, in terms of longevity, it can depend on the type of materials used. Some metals such as gold can be easily damaged which then can cause the engravings to fade and it doesn’t matter which type of engraving you choose either. On the other hand, metals such as tungsten can be far tougher which means it’s less likely to get damaged. You can also visit our best article here. The engravings will last longer, especially on a piece of jewelry such as a ring or bracelet.  A laser engraver can process virtually any jewelry whether its silver, gold, titanium, brass, etc.  The etchings are indelible and commonly made by fiber marking lasers.

Laser Engraving VS Traditional Etched Engraving

Can Engraving With A Laser Engraver Be Better Than Traditional Etched?

Traditional etched engraving is easy to read. The engraving cuts really deep into the surface and that makes it easy to read. However, the laser engraving is also very simple to read too since it burns into the metal. When the laser burns into the metal, the writing is slightly darker so that helps to ensure it’s easy to read which again is perfect. A laser engraver machine can be perfect if you want more depth to the engraving but again both are suitable. After reading this visit this link: here. The whole point of engraving is to read the inscription and both engraving options allow you to do just that.

Which Should You Choose?

Choosing between traditional etched engraving and laser engraving can be extremely tough as they both offer so much quality. However, does that mean one is better than the other? Well, yes and no. In one instance, laser engraving can appeal more so to tougher metals such as tungsten and it’s incredibly easy to read; then again, traditional etching is favored on wedding bands. Both engravings are beautiful not to mention the actual laser engraver machine is really easy to use and affordable.  Also, what company you choose can dictate the price you pay.  There are affordable companies in the US that give a better long term solution compared to buying direct from China.  In which case there are more affordable, desktop  or mini engravers for sale as well as larger format for industry that offer a value driven price point.  You can review one such company Boss Laser.

What Do You Like?

Determining which engraving is best can all come down to what you personally prefer. If you like the idea of traditional etching then that may prove best; then again, if you laser engraving that can also work. Both engravings are great and while traditional has been around far longer, laser engraving is more a modern solution. If you have a desktop laser engraver at home, you could even try it out for yourself!

Engraving Can Make Your Jewelry More Personal

For decades, engraving can make certain items like wedding bands and bracelets a lot more personal, but which is the right option for you? Again, this is going to come down to personality, cost and ease! What do you like? If you like the sound of laser engraving then that could prove useful and it can look incredibly great too. Using a laser engraver machine can assist you in making your jewelry standout.